Citizens of the United States of America have both the privilege and duty to educate ourselves and vote.  It is more imperative to vote than at any time in recent history as failure to so may well result in the loss of our right to a free and fair election.  America needs a strong two party system, but it is essential that that governance by compromise is the goal of both parties not destruction and authoritarianism.  Our elections may well determine if we keep our democratic form of government since the officials we elect determine who votes, how our votes are counted, and who counts our votes.  It is essential that we overwhelmingly vote Blue at the local, state and national levels.  Democracy or a dictatorship, it is that simple!

Vote Blue

To save our democratic form of government

To preserve our right to vote in free and fair elections

To preserve and restore choice

To preserve/restore truth and honesty in government

To preserve the law, proving that even ex-Presidents are not above the law

To protect healthcare

To address climate change

To preserve and protect our National lands

To preserve Social Security, Medicare, ACA and other benefits